Aico – Intelligent Automation Platform

Core components

The Aico platform consists of three core components:

  1. Aico applicationfor user interaction
  2. Aico Automation Managerfor orchestrating processes
  3. Aico System Managerfor managing document templates and control system settings

Aico’s front-end and back-end services build the user experience for human users. Aico is a highly scalable system accessed with a modern HTML5 application that supports a great variety of web browsers.

Aico Automation Manager orchestrates the processes and its plug-ins provide access to ERPs, run reports, and interact with third-party RPA processes. You can run, for example, SAP transactions with dynamic variants or invoke Oracle concurrent manager programs.

Aico System Manager is a system administrator tool for managing users and other settings of the Aico modules. This tool enables you to do things that would normally require consultation with your service vendor, such as creating new document templates, managing existing ones, changing system parameters, and changing your organisation model and user roles.