Best-in-class SAP integration

Unlike other financial close software solutions, Aico “talks” to your SAP system by design. This means data between your SAP and Aico is streamed in real-time instead of transferred via file downloads and uploads. This allows you to refresh the latest master data from your SAP in seconds, not hours or days. Aico’s SAP integration is Best-in-Class.

Benefits of the unique Aico to SAP integration.

Benefits of the unique Aico to SAP integration.

SAP integration

Less IT work

The operational side of finance, like R2R and financial close, is still largely dependent on IT. Even downloading and uploading files between accounting applications and SAP requires IT involvement. The real-time integration ensures seamless data flow between Aico and SAP and does not require constant IT support.

SAP integration

Higher data accuracy

Getting the numbers correct the first time around is faster than returning to them later to make corrections. For example, Aico enables your team to validate journal data against the master data of your SAP in just seconds. This boosts data accuracy and the percentage of journal entries that are first-time error-free.

SAP integration

No idle time

Live integration allows you to refresh, for example, the latest reconciliation data from your SAP at any moment. Unlike other integrations, the data refresh happens in seconds, not hours or days. The seamless real-time data flow between Aico and your SAP means the financial close process happens without disruptions.

Advanced automation

Live integration allows you to run SAP reports (such as depreciation or outstanding debts) automatically and directly from Aico. Aico calls the SAP function, delivers the report, and lets you review and approve it. As a result, the work is done much faster and your processes have lower human error.

Aico integrates to your SAP directly or via middleware​.

SAP middleware integration

SAP PO (Process Orchestration) and SAP Integration Suite are two related SAP middleware solutions. SAP PO focuses on on-premises integration and process orchestration, while SAP Integration Suite extends integration capabilities to the cloud.​

SAP Remote Function Call ​integration

SAP Remote Function Call or RFC is used to connect SAP systems with non-SAP systems like Aico. It's an essential part of SAP's capabilities for enterprise integration and data exchange.​


The new accelerated Aico to SAP middleware integration​

“Cost and scarcity of IT resources are holding back finance projects. The accelerated SAP integration package is our response to this challenge. It helps our customers integrate Aico via SAP middleware safely, quickly and with less IT effort.”

Shivam Dosa, Delivery Team Lead at Aico