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On-demand webinar: Transform & Simplify your R2R Accounting Process with User-friendly Software

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When it comes to the R2R Accounting Process transformation, winning the hearts and minds of your accounting teams is half of the job. You are much more likely to meet your transformation-driven objectives like process efficiency, compliance, accuracy and lean management if you can equip your accounting teams with user-friendly tools.

⚡Transform & Simplify your R2R Accounting Process with User-friendly Software.

In this webinar, we will share how companies like JDE Coffee, ASML, AkzoNobel and others benefit from easy-to-use accounting software. Case study examples will include:

  • Simplifying your tech-stack: achieving more with fewer tools
  • Getting more out of your ERP system
  • Unlocking R2R process synergies to eliminate double work