Financial Requests

Request automation will save up to 60 % compared to manual processing.

Aico Requests is an efficient financial service management tool for handling multiple types of requests, such as invoicing requests, payment requests, vendor and customer opening and change requests, and master data change requests. Adaptable workflows allow you to simplify your processes and reduce the number of unnecessary emails. Dynamic and flexible request templates ensure that the request data is accurate and complete.

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Requests product features


Request templates contain form fields, ensuring that the request data is accurate and complete. Each field can be configured according to your needs (visible/hidden, mandatory/optional, editable/read-only, and so on) and validated against your ERP system.

Online integration to ERP

You can retrieve content like account numbers, currency rates, customer lists, and cost centers directly from your ERP system. Data is entered into the corresponding fields in the request.


Aico dashboards allow you to control and monitor the progress and workflow of requests in real-time.

Approval workflow

You can set up a multi-phase workflow for requests. Up to three levels of approvals are possible with optional approval limits.

The request is either transferred into your ERP system or your accounting department or shared service centre can handle it manually. Service teams can view their tasks in priority-based list views and team leaders can create team-specific user groups and assign requests within their teams.


Typical Aico Request implementations are:

  • Vendor Opening
  • Account and other accounting segment opening
  • Manual Period opening & closing
  • Fixed Asset request – Transfer to Asset
  • Reminder letters to customers
  • Journal Entry request
  • Credit releases
  • GL account clearing
  • Internal Order

In some cases, also Aico Requests manages also core operational business needs like maintaining information related to:

  • Distribution models
  • Assortments
  • Product pricing and other related product dimensions
  • POS Opening hours
  • Development actions
  • Asset Tracking
  • Sales agreements
  • Sales orders
  • Purchase orders
  • Free text invoices
  • Invoice Journals
  • Address information
  • And many more


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