Manual Payments

Reduce the fraud risk of one time vendor payments.

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Create, approve and execute PAIN ready payments with a single solution

Create, approve and execute PAIN ready payments with a single solution

Custom templates

Start a new payment from configurable templates, which support multitude of bank requirements.

Secure workflows

Reduce the risk of fraudulent payments with easy to configure payment workflows. Aico will trigger payment approvals and require supporting documents based on your custom internal control guidelines.

Automated PAIN files

Aico creates PAIN files automatically based on approved manual payment documents. Once the PAIN file is ready, it is protected from any alterations and securely passed to the payment gateway system.

Automated journal postings

Once the payment is made, Aico will automatically create and post journal entries into your ERP system based on the bank statement file. You can specify all necessary segments of the cost line to be included in the General Ledger posting.

Easy audit

From the initial payment request to approval, PAIN file and journal posting Aico archives complete manual payment workflow for easy auditing. Journal postings and payments are linked together for easy follow through.

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Seamless integrations for end to end payment handling

Payment gateway integration

Aico integrates to all payment gateway solutions to exchange PAIN files and bank statement documents.

ERP system integration

Unique live integration to your ERP systems allows Aico to validate and post journal entries instantly.

Built on Aico platform

Aico Manual Payments is part of Aico platform and integrates directly with other solutions like Journals and Account Reconciliations.


Secure your Manual Payments in 4 steps

Download this eBook to learn about the top four areas where the typical manual payment process allows for fraud. Find out about the ways to make these payments secure, properly approved and evidenced.

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