Account Reconciliations

Check balances and line items and auto reconcile accounts with one-click automation.

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Standardise, automate and track your reconciliation process in line with corporate policies.

Standardise, automate and track your reconciliation process in line with corporate policies.

Aico Account Reconciliations software templates

Reconciliation templates

Start reconciliations with simple yet highly configurable templates, which include your choice of header fields and accounting segments. Include instructions for reconcilers on the template, or add hyperlinks to external documents.

Aico Account Reconciliations approval workflows

Approval workflows

Setting up a multi-phase reconciliation workflow is quick and easy. Select users who are responsible for the preparation and approvals of reconciliations from a list. Add an associated due date tracking to make sure reconciliations are completed on time.

Aico Account Reconciliation automation rules

Automatic reconciliation rules

Analyse your account balances and transactions with a click of a button and complete reconciliations automatically based on various account balance rules.

Aico Account Reconciliations software prior period data

Prior period data

Carry forward open items or reconcile items and their supporting explanations from a prior period. Aico will automatically recognise line items from a prior period so that you can concentrate on new items only.

Aico Account Reconciliations software dashboards


Monitor the workflow status, due dates, unreconciled accounts and balances, aged items, and other bottlenecks in real time. Filter reconciliations by any field to prioritise your tasks.

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Aico Closing Task Manager Professional subscription tier


Ideal for mid-size companies with several accounting teams involved in the close process.

Get up and running within 4 weeks.

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Aico Closing Task Manager Enterprise Subscription plan


For large multinational organisations with high transactional volumes.

Custom build, testing and implementation project.

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Aico Account Reconciliation software ERP system integrations

Live integration to your ERP

The API-powered integration allows Aico to communicate with your ERP in real time. Pull account data directly from your ERP system without a need for exporting files. The account data is refreshed automatically based on a specific frequency, or you can refresh the data in real-time from your ERP.

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Aico Account Reconciliations software integration Closing Task Manager

Connect Aico Closing Task Manager

With Closing Task Manager read the status of reconciliation documents. When all reconciliation documents are completed, the closing task can be completed either manually or automatically by Aico.

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