Account Monitor

Monitor your GL transactions automatically for unexpected content, missing segment values, ageing items or duplicate lines.

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Variety of data sources

Aico can read in line item data from your ERP directly, import the content of an ERP report and also import from other sources via file uploads (Excel, CSV, XML etc.)

Aico Closing Task Manager approval workflows

Flexible account rules

Configure rules to check a wide range of content. For example, if the profit or cost centre is missing or if the item text is shorter than a pre-set number of characters. Additionally, you check if the posted amount is above a particular threshold or if duplicate lines are posted based on pre-set criteria.

Powerful automation

Aico will automatically pull the transaction data on a predefined refresh interval to evaluate the line items. Alerts can then be triggered. In addition, tasks can be specifically routed to a user to investigate and provide supporting evidence to explain or correct the posting.

Aico Closing Task Manager dashboards

Dashboards and reporting

Using Aico dashboards and lists, the Accounts are monitored in real-time and quickly show those that contain transactions with invalid or unexpected data. It can also show who is responsible for resolving these issues and monitor response times for providing a resolution.

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