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Mining and Construction

“With Aico, closing takes less time, and the process is easier to manage.”

Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy transformed their journal entry process with live connectivity to Microsoft D365.

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Power Grids

“After the upgrade of Aico Journals, our journal entry process is fully in line with SOX requirements.”

Hitachi ABB Power Grids Finland successfully implemented SOX compliant journal entry process in three months.

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Oil & Energy

“In the process of ERP system migration Aico allows us to manage journal entries and financial requests without any changes”

Oil & energy company Neste shares their experience of migration from Oracle to SAP erp system and how Aico has helps company’s finance in this process.

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“We absolutely recommend Aico. It has saved us a lot of time”

Healthcare company Attendo Sweden was looking for more efficient process to manage journal entries. The old way of printing and storing hard copies of every document was no longer an option.

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Electronic Manufacturing

“The most significant improvements in efficiency were the elimination of duplicate work and the reduced number of checks”

ABB wanted to streamline the workflow of journal entries across its offices. The previous system did not allow for an efficient way of working but required unnecessary manual work both from the person creating the document as well as the person posting it.

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“Automation has helped us harmonize processes and improve their quality”

Fortum has been our partner since the beginning of this century. Aico’s predecessor, eMemo, was the first step towards financial automation. Fortum’s financial automation systems have several hundreds of users around the world, and there’s a big volume of transactions.

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