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What happened during my first 6 months with Aico?

The Aiconauts’ blog section is dedicated to shedding light on what it’s like to work at Aico, what our purpose is, and how we work towards the shared vision of becoming the leading financial close automation software provider in Europe.

Starting a new job is exciting for sure! A thousand questions, learning experiences and feelings are bubbling around in your head, especially during the first few months. As a silver lining, you are not alone, and in the best-case scenario, taking that leap into the unknown could turn out to be a rewarding experience. Today, Marianne Potts, our Technical Writer, is here to share what her first 6  months with Aico have been like. 

Aico Office
Aico office in winter and during the summer

Working in a winter wonderland

Several layers of ice covered the road when I began working as the technical writer for Aico back in January. Now the trees are green, and my winter coat is firmly at the back of the wardrobe…

I can’t believe I’ve been here for over six months! In the first few weeks, I was introduced to each team. Everyone here believes in Aico, and their enthusiasm is a powerful motivator.

What was clear is that there is a lot of pride in being an Aiconaut. You are part of a strong community of experts who are always there for you. All the Aiconauts jumped in to teach me about Aico (there is A LOT to learn!), and they still do.

Spending quality time together

The Aiconauts are pretty social, too. As a company with an international workforce, we meet up regularly over Teams to touch base. Each office, where one exists, has regular breakfasts and game nights. In countries where remote working is the norm, there are also in-person meet-ups as well as virtual ones.

And, in the Finnish Espoo office where I’m based, lunch is considered an important social time where people clear their schedules to eat together.

Supporting customers and each other

Now I’m getting to grips with what Aico is all about, I feel that I can provide a valuable service for our customers. As the technical writer, I want to help customers understand how to use Aico to get the most out of it. I want to change the way they work for the better and provide the necessary guides and information to understand how to do that. I also work with the marketing team to showcase new products and explain how enterprises can make life even easier for themselves.

Training opportunities are fantastic. Inhouse experts are always ready to create new training materials to help you understand something. If you need training from outside Aico, that too is readily available. I know I will have the support to help me become a better writer, as well as the resources to develop my expertise in Aico.

What about the next six months?

Well, there are still several layers of Aico to learn about, and I’m meeting new colleagues every month, as Aico is expanding rapidly. So, I want to learn as much as possible and get involved with as many projects as I can.

Luckily, I have the freedom to plan my work. There is a great deal of trust from the senior management that you are a professional and know the best way to do your job.

I have an ambitious plan lined up for my next six months. I know, with the support and passion of my colleagues, I’ll have no problem achieving it.

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