Flexible capabilities for inbound and outbound integration processes

API integrations

Aico supports high-volume document imports with Staging API. In addition to traditional outbound system integration, we also offer a BI API for reading processes from the Aico system and a Process Mining API for compliance and efficiency metrics. These APIs can be used to connect Aico to a corporate BI system easily or to provide an interface for automatic process discovery in modern process mining tools.

And if you are willing to go really hardcore, nothing prevents you from reading the Aico database directly.

Staging API

The Staging import API has been developed to provide a high-volume interface for external systems producing documents into Aico. The interface can provide additional services, such as product pricing and contract-based cost allocations turning incomplete materials to fully automatically handled financial documents.


The BI API is a service component that exposes Aico data for business intelligence and reporting tools in a controlled and easy manner. The API interprets Aico’s internal data model to a BI system readable format. It makes the BI connectivity easy and lets you combine Aico content with other data sources in your business domain.

The BI API data model is isolated from OLTP processing. The API keeps also track of changes over time which means that the document model is persisted in a way that BI tools can understand it.

Process Mining API

The Process Mining API provides Aico internal data in a standard process mining data format. From Aico perspective, process mining serves two purposes: it extends system audit with a more comprehensive compliance view and it allows detailed examination of implemented Aico processes.