On-demand Webinar: Ingredients For Efficient Financial Close Process

Financial close process in mid to large size companies tends to be hectic and stressful. Very often, finance teams rely on shared spreadsheets to track close tasks, due dates, and statuses. Responsibilities are blurred, and the amount of manual work is overwhelming. How to turn this around and make the period-end close process fast, accurate and organised? In this webinar, our guest expert of financial management Leon Harinck will talk about the critical ingredients of efficient financial close process and share successful examples.

Watch the webinar to find out:  

  • What role people play in the close process and who should be involved
  • How to lay the foundation for efficient close process
  • What role technology plays in improving close process

The webinar is available on-demand:




Leon Harinck, Leader – Financial Management Services, TriFinance Netherlands

Leon Harinck (MBA) is a finance professional with over 25 years of experience in financial management and consulting. He is an experienced Business Lead currently holding position at TriFinance Netherlands. Previously, at PwC Leon was responsible for managing Financial Consultants at several Corporates and SME’s. His focus is optimizing financial processes: Order to Cash, Purchase to Pay and Financial Close. In this webinar, he will share his knowledge and experience about the Financial Close.

Christopher von Walzel, International Sales Executive, Aico Group Oy

Christopher is an experienced sales and consulting professional in the area of Financial Close Solutions. Christopher will be the host of this webinar.