TriFinance CFO Services and Finnish Attido sign partnership for the use of the Aico robot platform

TriFinance Belgium and the Finnish expert in process automation and robotization Attido have signed a partnership for the period 2017-2020. Under this partnership, TriFinance CFO Services will be the sole party to deploy Attido’s Aico robot platform at its customers for financial close.

Financial close is one of the most complex and time-consuming financial processes. In a very tight timeframe, finance professionals have to process and analyze data from various systems. The repetitive nature of some tasks and actions often constitutes a permanent source of frustration. The Aico robot platform automates these routines.

Aico stands for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Co-worker (CO). It is a modular robot platform that was launched by Attido in 2017. The financial close application is the first of various automation solutions.

“Automating financial close frees people’s time for more value-adding work”, says Marko Voutilainen, CEO of Attido. “Aico reduces the work on intercompany reporting and eliminations by up to 80 percent. The robot platform also reduces the resources needed for creating reports for external stakeholders by 50 percent”.

“For us, this is a strategic partnership”, says Walter Deprins, director of CFO Services TriFinance. “Technology is becoming increasingly important in the field of process optimisation and implementation, especially when applied by strong professionals. For CFO Services, developing insights into the impact of technology on man and on processes constitutes a strategic priority. That’s why we are permanently exploring the market, looking for strong technology partners”.

“Aico offers finance managers a comprehensive solution for one of their most critical processes”, says Jean-Marie Bequevort, expert practice leader Complexity Reduction, whose team will deploy the platform at customers. “Irrespective of the size of an organization, the sector in which it is active or the existing technology environment, Aico delivers the ideal solution for organizations seeking a fast, super-efficient monthly close. Moreover, Aico offers organizations a single access point for the automation of their finance processes”.

“In combination with the expertise of TriFinance’s CFO Services, the flexibility of Aico generates considerable added value,’ confirms Marko Voutilainen”. CFO Services boasts a rock-solid reputation in the improvement of (finance) processes. We therefore greatly welcome the use of Aico by the CFO experts. For us, this is a first and logical step in our European growth strategy. It is our firm ambition to become the market leader in Europe. The partnership with TriFinance brings Aico to the heart of Europe”.


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