Discover what’s new in Aico’s first release in 2018

The Aico 2018R1 release includes many enhancements and improvements. Two new major features, Dashboards and Account Reconciliation, were introduced.

New features in R1

Highlights of this release:

  • The Aico web client now features configurable, easy-to-build and easy-to-use dashboard charts and lists.
  • New Aico Account Reconciliation solution has been released.
  • New look and feel that reflects Aico’s new brand identity has been taken into use in the user interface. Updates to the look and feel will continue in the forthcoming releases.
  • Solutions have been renamed to reflect the new brand identity and to form a more unified naming system: For example, eMemo FrameTool desktop client and eMemo web client are now called Aico Journals.


With Aico Dashboards, you can sort and monitor document data and use different types of charts to visualise your data.

  • Each chart can be independently configured to provide an overview of data.
  • Global filters and queries can be applied based on chart settings.
  • You can mark dashboards as favourites for easy access.
  • You can copy dashboards and share your private dashboards with other users.
The new Aico Dashboard

Account Reconciliation

Our new web-based Account Reconciliation solution supports the employees involved in the reconciliation process. It also introduces consistency in the reconciliation process and control over who does what and when. Prioritising the reconciliations becomes easier.

  • Use predefined but configurable reconciliation task templates to collect appropriate data and supporting documentation.
  • Use predefined but configurable automatic reconciliation rules to allow accounts to be reconciled by the system when appropriate.
  • Extract data automatically from the underlying ERPs.
  • Carry-forward open items and their associated supporting data.
  • Define a workflow with associated due date tracking.
Account Reconciliation list view

In the list view above, you can see all your reconciliation documents and filter them by any field. The Account Reconciliation solution features a full workflow and it is possible to either specify named users or pick users who are responsible for the preparation and approvals from a list of authorised users. Due date tracking makes it easy to monitor that tasks are completed on time.

Accounts can be reconciled based on their balance or line items, or they can be reconciled as part of a group. Account data is automatically refreshed from the underlying ERP.

Account Reconciliation document details

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Watch video

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