Aico joins SAP user group SAPSA

Aico – built for real-time SAP integration

Aico is intelligent finance automation and control platform built for solid real-time SAP integration. Matched with SAP, Aico saves time and delivers better control, quality and integrity as well as visibility into following record-to-report processes:

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SAPSA is Swedish independent and non-profit association whose purpose is to facilitate knowledge and experience exchange between SAP users through networking.

SAPSA also works to influence the development of SAP products and services. SAPSA focus is on collaborating with other global user associations SUGEN (SAP User Group Executive Network) and influencing SAP to meet the needs of our SAPSA members.

About Aico integration to SAP

Aico uses the SAP standard middleware connector to access and interact with the SAP solution. This approach allows us to connect RFC and SOAP services using the SAP standard best practices approach and controlled by SAP standard access control mechanisms. We use the standard SAP B1 connector to integrate with the SAP solution. It implements SAP standard approach for third-party application integration.