Aico and Arvato Financial Solutions announce the launch of an end-to-end Manual Invoicing Service

Aico and Arvato Financial Solutions work together to solve the challenges of manual invoicing. Aico Group Oy and Arvato Financial Solutions have entered into a strategic partnership and launch an innovative manual invoicing solution.

Manual invoicing is, according to its name, invoicing, where the invoice information has to be entered manually. The invoices are made for products and services that do not exist or are set up in ERP ERP, and are often one-off. You also want to include in the invoice the information you want to pass to the customer with the invoice. There can be as many as thousands of such bills every year and handling them is expensive. The combined service of Aico Group OY and Arvato Financial Solutions is a comprehensive solution, which covers all the needs for entering billing information into a trade receivable and for delivering an invoice to the recipient with notes. The manual billing service is tailored to customers and integrated into their ERP system, which may be Microsoft, Oracle, SAP or Agresso.

Companies and the organization still have a large number of invoices that are manually processed. Costs can be up to 30-40 euros per invoice. The cost is sometimes even higher than what is charged to the customer. The service provided by Aico and Arvato allows manual invoices to be produced at a price of just a few euros and is intended for companies with at least 1,500 manual invoices per year.

We wanted to develop new solutions for industry-specific needs. The partnership with Aico enables us to offer even wider solutions along with Arvato’s O2C services. There is a clear demand for this type of service, says Partner Manager Toni Kivinen of Prediction.