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Harri Laatikainen

Aico at the Intelligent Automation for Corporate Finance Functions event

Meet us at the 2nd Annual Intelligent Automation for Corporate Finance Functions event. The online interactive forum will take place on 10 – 11th June 2021. Along with two Aico software demonstration sessions, we will be sharing insights on what are the biggest automation showstoppers for enterprises and how to overcome them.

Intelligent Finance Automation event


What are the showstoppers in the record to report (R2R) automation? How to overcome them?

Join us on 10 June at 11:50 CET for an hour-long presentation:

  • Pick the right tool. What is the difference between an automation solution and a fully integrated management and an automation process?
  • Use-cases. How to apply automation to R2R processes with exceptions and complexity?
  • Less is more. Add automation without adding to system complexity.
  • Live data. How data uploads and downloads are stalling your automation. How can you stream data in real-time?
  • Data quality. Working with the ERP for better and cleaner data.


Harri Laatikainen, Head of Partners and Alliances at Aico Group.

Harri is a software industry veteran helping enterprise organisations to transform record-to-report processes with the help of intelligent automation and a pan-European network of partners.

Sarah Bellerby Intelligent Finance Automation

Sarah Bellerby, Head of Presales at Aico Group.

As a qualified accountant with a background in Audit, Sarah started her career working in organisations with extremely manual and fragmented processes. For the past 10 years, Sarah has been driven by her passion for identifying and implementing intelligent solutions to streamline financial processes, mitigate risk and increase compliance. For the past 2 years, Sarah has been working specifically in the Record to Report arena, supporting customers in their Finance Transformation projects to implement intelligent financial close automation solutions.

About the event

The finance, tax and accounting functions are due to undergo a technological revolution. The implementation of intelligent finance automation solutions will transform and drive innovation across all areas of these fundamental functions. This transformation has the possibility to create huge commercial benefit for organizations that can harness their power. Whilst there are some automation technologies running, companies are now looking to the next stage in automation. It will involve the use of intelligent processes and bots that can begin to carry out more complex tasks and learn how to adapt to new directives. This will in turn leave the human workforce with extra time and resources to work on more high-value tasks and create costs savings and efficiencies across the enterprise.

Whilst such automation projects have the potential for huge returns, they are still exceedingly expensive and complex to implement. A recent EY report stating that 30-50% of initial RPA projects fail. It is therefore with this understanding that we bring you industry leaders from key global institutions. Two days of discussion and networking on the challenges encountered within automation projects and also to learn lessons from the success stories.