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Transaction Matching

Take a quick preview of our latest module which will be released in 2019.

We will release our new module, Aico Transaction Matching, in 2019. This module will use the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology to support the matching of high-volume transactions, such as general ledger to bank account statements or SAP open item clearing.

Artificial intelligence

Aico Transaction Matching uses edit distance clustering technology to determine matches. This new approach to matching combines web search techniques with machine learning to deliver incredibly accurate results.

Account reconciliation

During the account reconciliation process, many accounts are reviewed based on their balance only, as they have thousands of lines which simply can’t be explained individually. Goods received matched to invoice received is a great example. Aico Transaction Matching will mark these lines automatically as matched and clear them, if your ERP system allows this. As a result, your end users can simply focus on those lines that are outstanding.


Many reconciliations are done between systems during the closing, but none is more important than matching the GL to the bank statement to provide an accurate cash position. Aico Transaction Matching will automate this process by loading both the GL and bank data sets into the matching engine and by marking the matching items.

Approval workflow

You can set up a multi-phase workflow for transaction matching results. Due date tracking makes it easy to monitor that tasks are completed on time.


You can create a dashboard for monitoring the status of all matching tasks – what’s their priority, who is responsible for them, and whether they are late.