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At Aico, we are dedicated to creating strong relationships with partners to provide the best solution for Finance Controls and Automation. We offer three different types of partnerships; referral -, reseller- and system integrator partnerships.

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Referral Partners

Referral Partners help identify commercial customer opportunities for our subscriptions. As a Referral Partner, you can earn a referral bonus based on the value of a subscription sale. This is a great opportunity, especially for expert service companies and individual consultants working with Aico Platform. Referral Partners are often also system integrators or consultants working with our end users, but can also include our Reseller Partners.

Reseller Partners

Reseller Partners have a deep relationship with Aico. Reseller Partners have the ability to resell our commercial subscription to end customers and they have the ability to deliver Aico solutions to end customers.

System Integrator Partners

System Integrator Partners have the technical skills to deliver the Aico platform and extend/deploy Aico’s connectivity to different kind of systems through Aico API & event infrastructure.

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