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For Aico, partners are central to our strategy. We view every partnership as a two-way street that requires strong and concise support, working actively side by side, and digging in for the long term. We are always looking for new partners, to develop relationships with and align our company’s business so that our expertise complements each other.

As a market leader in Finance Controls and Automation, Aico enables its partners to save their customers costs, improving efficiencies and decrease risks. That’s a lot of added value, turning you into a trusted advisor who provides real help to your customer’s business challenges.

Our partner program offers a lot of opportunities and support, helping both of us to expand and differentiate our businesses.

We understand you have a choice when selecting a technology partner, so consider the following:

Our experience

To truly understand our customers, we hire financial experts to help make Aico the leading provider of financial automation in Europe by 2020.

Our track record

Aico has been developed in close co-operation with our customers. Today, the Aico platform is trusted by tens of thousands of users in over 100+ countries around the world.

Mutual success

Succeeding in partnerships is a two-way street. When you succeed, we succeed – and vice versa.

Why is Aico the right solution for your customers?

Aico is a proven business solution digitalising the period close, account reconciliation, manual journal entries, and manual requests.

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