"The cooperation left us very impressed." –Soile Iisakkala, Rudus


Known for rock-based building materials, Rudus became an Aico Journals user in just 120 working hours. The exceptionally fast turnaround of the implementation project streamlined already the first Aico Journals-managed period-end closing.

A successful implementation above all means foreseeing and avoiding potential stumbling blocks. In Rudus’ project, many things just fell into place.

”With Rudus, everything ran smoothly, as our own consultant was very experienced, Aico Journals had an ideal integration for the customer’s accounting system and above all, Rudus as a whole was committed to the tight schedule of the project”, says Project Manager Fredrik Lindén from Aico. He gives a special mention to Rudus’ IT department.

”We often have to wait for the credentials or the actions we’ve asked for as long as a month, but Rudus’ IT took care of everything in a matter of days. This significantly quickened the overall delivery.”

Committed project team and service attitude were key

Rudus’ Accounting Manager Soile Iisakkala considers Rudus’ project team as the most critical factor in this successful project.

“We nominated just the right experts from finance and IT. A clear timeframe objective also helped: we wanted Aico Journals implemented by the end of May, before the half-year interim report”, she notes.

Rudus trained some forty of its own employees to use Aico Journals. Aico had prepared to support the implementation with a two-day phone standby, but there were no calls.

In the early phase, Rudus has taken just the Journals function for manual memo receipts into use out of Aico’s features. With the implementation, the accounts payable debt transfer process was also streamlined.

“For the future, we do consider other functionalities such as payment orders. Aico Journals is very clear and easy to use.”

“This cooperation left us very impressed. Aico’s devotion for customer service was visible in everything they did.”

Aico’s service attitude was definitely noted. “Aico’s project manager was very clear and consistent in explaining what was needed in order to carry out the project on the planned schedule and budget”, Iisakkala adds.

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