”A rare combination of IT expertise and financial management understanding.” –Jere Kenkkilä, Fortum


”Aico has been Fortum’s partner since the beginning of this century. The partnership started off as ERP development and has over the years expanded to financial process automation. Thanks to our long partnership, they know our needs and our way of operating, and also make proactive development suggestions”, says Team Leader Jere Kenkkilä from Fortum’s Accounting.

”They have developed for us and with us new solutions to financial automation. Joint development efforts have been possible, as in addition to strong IT expertise, Aico also has genuine financial management know-how. They are able to discuss financial processes on the same level with us.”

Automation is the word of the day.

The first solution developed together with Fortum was digital rotation of memos. Later on, it has been complemented with new functionalities.

”Aico’s predecessor, eMemo, was the first step towards financial automation. Our financial automation systems have several hundreds of users around the world, and there’s a big volume of transactions. Automation has helped us harmonize processes and improve their quality.”

Users are taken into account

”We find it important that the tools are easy to use and that different user roles have been taken into account. Once we have the same tools instructed in all countries, operations are streamlined and we save time. Thanks to this, we remain in tight period end schedules and reporting is fast. Without automation this would not be possible, at least not with the same resources.”

”Automation is the word of the day, and expanding it in financial management is necessary. When repeating manual routines are handed to automation robotics, it frees people’s time for more complex things and serving the business. This will change the nature of work a lot, and open financial management professionals new windows to professional development. At the same time routines become leaner, precision is increased and turnaround times are speeded up. Things also happen outside office hours.”

A look into the future

”The journey for financial automation is only beginning”, Kenkkilä says. ”The right things have already been automated, but there are a lot of possibilities to come.”

We at Aico agree, and strongly invest in the development of financial automation robotics. The roots of Aico for finance. -product family, launched in May 2017, are in the financial automation solutions developed together with Fortum and other pilot customers.

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