“With Aico all our journals are now online, which saves our time and effort.” -Judith Pettersson, Financial Manager

About Attendo Sweden

Attendo Sweden is one of the leading private care and health care providers in the Nordics. The company is the leader of quality development and new methods in their sector. Attendo is active in care for older people, care for people with disabilities, individual and family care and health care. Over the last ten years the company has expanded its operations to new markets, reaching 20 000 employees in over 500 units.

  • Net sales in 2017: SEK 11,157 m
  • Markets: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark
  • Number of employees: 10 000+
  • ERP system: Visma


“We were looking for more efficient way to manage accounting journals”

Challenged by rapid business growth, healthcare company Attendo Sweden was looking for more efficient process to manage accounting journals. Previously every journal document was printed and stored in physical archive, but with growing amount of transactions and journals this approach was no longer an option.

The rapid business growth as well as high company focus on quality in every step of business operation demanded modernisation and efficiency of finance processes. “We needed proper tools to be able to manage the flow of incoming companies to our group”, says Judith Pettersson, responsible for undertaking the task of modernising finance in the company.

“Having 60 people in the company processing around 34 000 journals per year in three markets, one of our aims was to have an easy system where we do not print any journals.” With this level of work scale manual journals can be very time-consuming and the process is prone to errors.


“We started saving time right after implementing Aico system”

“We were looking for a modern solution on the market and decided to go for a tool which had proven impact and real value. We saw benefits that Aico solution for journal entries brought to our subsidiary company in Finland. There our colleagues started to save time managing journals right after implementing the Aico system.”

“We were able to implement Aico on time and seamlessly integrate it with our ERP system Visma. Despite some English language adoption challenges in the Swedish speaking team, we transformed our journal process in the company and now we save a lot of time by not having to print our journals. Instead we save all our journals electronically.“

“We absolutely recommend Aico. It has saved us a lot of time.”

About Aico Journals

Aico Journals is a software solution designed purposefully for accounting and finance professionals. Our solution eliminates slow, arduous and complex manual work to speed up journal entry management by up to 50%.

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The key benefits of Aico Journals solution are:

AccuracyAico guarantees real time validation of journal entry data against business rules in ERP systems, eliminating all the hassle with incorrect values and combinations.

EfficiencyFrom creation to posting and approving, journals are processed with smart and agile Aico software workflow. Manual and low value tasks are automated allowing accountants to focus on productive and high value tasks.

SpeedBy eliminating slow manual tasks, improving workflow in the team and connecting all your ERP systems in real-time, Aico has proven that journal entries can be done up to 50% faster

Control & AuditabilityDashboard overview of all the processes, completed and to-do tasks as well as responsibilities puts you in charge of accounting team in real-time. And drilling into any transaction to review journal supporting documentation ensures your processes are audit ready any time.