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Solving problems and uncovering answers … Support Team or Detective Agency?

The Aiconauts’ blog section is dedicated to shedding light on what it’s like to work at Aico, what our purpose is, and how we work towards the shared vision of becoming the leading financial close automation software provider in Europe. May 2022, our Riga office welcomed three new Aiconauts to Aico’s Support team. Each one of them agreed to shed light on how they felt about the recruitment and onboarding process at Aico. Now Janis Amolins is here to start off the series by sharing his own experiences. 

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I have been involved in the IT world for the last 3 to 4 years now. There hasn’t been a day where problem-solving was not a part of my daily work routine. Whether in the customer support field, or web development, finding the right solution for a particular problem has been almost a daily driver.  

Support work is like a detective’s investigation.  

It’s about looking for answers in the customers’ environment or their servers. Finding the correct answer, communicating with co-workers from different departments and delivering the best possible solution. Knowing that support work at Aico is closely tied to solving customer problems, I had no doubts that I would fit in very well.   

Building a great relationship from the start   

The recruitment process the company and the employee go through together is an integral part of their relationship. It’s necessary to find the best fit for the role and to be sure that new employees will feel welcomed and be in the place best suited to them. And I couldn’t have experienced a more relaxed and welcoming feeling from Aico. 

Aico: Where confidence is contagious 

Aico is headquartered in Finland, and I live in Latvia, so the first stage of the interview was held through a video call. The other meetings were held at the Riga office. They were very relaxed and I felt a lot of positive energy from everyone I met.  

I believe it is exceedingly rare to find a company that truly wants you to feel like you are in the right place and time to accept their role, and Aico is one of those companies. A rare gem!  

Positive colleagues, an exciting work field, a nice office, and many, many more things sum up the incredibly positive impact which played a significant role in my decision to join Aico.  

My previous work experience in a customer support-related field and web development have prepared me very well to join Aico. In addition, everyone at my interview was confident and happy working in Aico, and this confidence is contagious. You want to be part of a supportive team as well as a great company.  

Professional, enthusiastic and welcoming   

Communication during each stage of the recruitment process was clear and professional. It is hard to find any faults in the onboarding process. Everyone worked hard to help us feel comfortable. And that was the same with the initial training. The very first video lectures with the Delivery Team were amazing and very insightful.  

I can come back to the video recordings of the lectures if anything has been left unclear. And if that’s not enough, our training platform is constantly updated with new materials for everyone to study. As mentioned before, it rarely happens that everyone works together so well for the good of the company and creates such a positive working environment, but Aico is the perfect example!  

The time has gone by so quickly and I’ve done my first individual practical work. I can say that the day-to-day work has lived up to my expectations. As mentioned in the beginning, there isn’t a day that is the same. There’s always an innovative approach to tackling problems and providing a solution. Lack of repetition makes this job very enjoyable and keeps me curious.   

Advice for future Aiconauts… 

For the little time that I have spent here at Aico, I can say with certainty to anyone who might be interested in joining Aico, that they will be in for a very pleasant environment with lovely people who are great colleagues.  

Yes, there is a lot to take in at first, but if you have an open mind and curious mindset and aren’t afraid to ask questions, this is a genuinely nice place for anyone to be.  

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